What Services our Nurse Practitioner provides:

Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis
Treatment of acute and chronic disease i.e. Diabetes, Infections, Mild injuries
Ordering, interpretation of diagnostic test i.e. laboratory, x-ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound
Prescribing Pharmacotherapy (excluding cannabis)
Monitoring Client Outcomes
Consultation and/or referral to specialists as necessary
Health Promotion (Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Reduction)
Illness and Injury Prevention education
Curative, Rehabilitative and Supportive Services
Mental Health Consultations and Referrals


Wart removal using cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)
Ear Irrigation (cerumen impaction)
Botox Injections – Exempt Protocol for Migraines (Patient brings Botox)
Pap Smear (Well Woman Exams)
DRE (digital rectal exam)
Medication Injections (Birth Control, Influenza, Anti-psychotic, etc.)
Education re: Take home Naloxone Kits (for opioid overdose)

Federal Forms:

Disability Tax Credit Certificate (Form t2201, registered disability savings plan
And working income tax benefit)
Compassionate Care Benefit
CPP Disability Benefits

Provincial Forms:

MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying)


Constance has been a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner since 2007. Her career has spanned several provinces and many different nursing specialties including both NP and RN leadership roles and several university teaching appointments. She understands that wellness is not the absence of disease, instead, she feels that it is the development of personal tools and goals which foster healthy lifestyle behaviours and choices. She enjoys working with people of all ages to help them uncover their health potential.